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Our Services

At Carbon 3 Homes we offer a full range of traditional plumbing services. We specialise in New Builds and refurbishment properties. We offer eco-friendly options such as Air Source Heat Pumps or Solar Thermals.

Domestic Heating Installs

Our domestic heating installs are trusted and ensure your home is kept warm, dry and reliable. With over 35 years of experience and happy customers.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) are innovative and eco-friendly heating systems that harness the natural warmth present in ambient air to provide a very efficient heating and cooling system. These work in warm or cold environments providing a year-round reliable system. 

Traditional Plumbing Services

At our core we're plumbers, we offer all the usual plumbing services, and no job is too small. 

Boiler Service

Know your boiler is up to scratch, ready to be trusted for another winter and any problems caught ahead of an issue.

Commercial New Build

Working in the commercial sector is a further commitment to our reliability. A business can't afford to have a malfunction and loss of income. We work hard to ensure a reliable system for your business.

Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal harnesses the Sun's energy to generate water heating for domestic or commercial usage. This can be used in hot water systems or underfloor heating.

Under Floor Heating

If you're after those clean walls and you're ready for the feeling of warm feet on a winter's day then UFH is for you. We offer this in conjunction with our other services for energy efficient options. 

Boiler Maintenance

Problems with your boiler? Leaks or something just not quite right. Contact us to get any issue resolved and warm water back in your home.

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